GOTRAX Glider Electric Scooter for Kids & Adults up to …

GOTRAX Glider Electric Scooter for Kids & Adults up to ...

Swift, sleek, and simple-to-use, the GOTRAX GLIDER is starting the electrical scooter world to a whole new universe of cosmic pleasure gliding.

Security is the trick to this GOTRAX GALAXY. The GOTRAX GLIDER has a hand-controlled brake along with a foot-activated slowing system, for backup.

Become an electric scooter master quicker! Easy since 3-2-1-liftoff, the GLIDER Electric Scooter is for cyclists of each experience level.

To receive your GLIDER into orbit, only kickstart, cruise, and lightly use the throttle. With no instruction required, you will be gliding around like a star-powered spaceship in only a couple of moments Earth time.

Celestial electricity your distance travel and cruise at speeds around 17 miles. The GLIDER is powered with a 250W engine so that you may go farther.

A fast fold-and-release system could be triggered with the simple pull of a lever so that you may transport your GLIDER on the move or store compactly in the home.

The backlit screen gives you the capacity to monitor your rates and battery life while the LED headlight permits you to glide through the night.

Light-years of pleasure await! Input the GOTRAX GALAXY today. THRILLING TOP-RANKING TORQUE: Glide at rates around 17 miles using the strong 250W mobile scooter. To acquire your electric scooter moving, only kickstart and cruise.
FAST FOLD-AND-RELEASE: Packing this fold up scooter is fast and simple with all the lever-activated system.
DISPLAY SCREEN & LED HEADLIGHT: Track your rates and battery life and also glide by night using the LED Headlight.
STELLAR FIRST-CLASS DESIGN: LED lights, cosmic colors, high-quality space substances constructed to last.

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Cost: $229.00
(as of Apr 27,2018 06:13:21 UTC – Details)

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