Razor Pocket Mod Electric Scooter Moped

The Razor Pocket Mod (Betty) is among the best choices to get a junior. It reminds you of old times with its classic style. Contrary to Razor’s specialist scooter, this one is a fantastic solution for teens and can take care of a burden of 170 lbs that’s very good for an electric scooter.) Pocket Mod Electric is among Razor’s latest electric scooter array. It’s a series based engine with twist grip controller. You get varying speeds and will go as quickly as 15 mph. On complete charge, the scope is up to 10 kilometers (approximately 40 moments). The tires are hardy pneumatic big sized 12 inches which absorb horrible shocks and provide a smooth rotational ride. It’s two 12 liter sealed batteries so basically 24 liters of a rechargeable battery.

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+ Fantastic Looking, Vintage layout
The looks much like a Vespa and so looks classic. There are Lots of colour options such as Betty, Sweet Pea, Navy, Vapor, Hot Red and Pink. Both boys and women carrying this scooter to course or clinic.

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